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Wildwood Canyon Park

A great place to hike or bike

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If you are looking for a great place to hike, mountain bike, or have a picnic, Wildwood Canyon Park might be the perfect place in Burbank, California for you. Made up of several small canyons, Wildwood offers hikers or all skill levels the opportunity to get out and enjoy nature. There is also plenty of green space to have a picnic or play with your favorite dog.

Finding Wildwood Canyon Park in Burbank may not be easy, but once hikers and picnic seekers get there they may never want to leave. Wildwood Canyon has green space, parking areas, rest rooms, water fountains, and plenty of running space for dogs. Wildwood Canyon Park is immediately adjacent to DeBell Golf Course. The park closes at sundown, unless special activities are planned.

Hikes of various difficulties and distances are possible at Wildwood. Hikers should bring a water bottle and a leash for their dog. Lone hikers or walkers should bring a cell phone for emergencies. Wildwood Canyon Park exists on two levels, the parking and picnic area with benches and fountains, and the trails the lead up to the top of the hill and beyond.

The small hike near the yoke of the entrance is considered a beginners' hike by most. The track is sandy, and it can be fairly narrow in places. The view is spectacular, and picture taking is common. As the hiker moves up the hill, the road fork goes down and comes steeply back to the Wildwood green level park space.

Wildwood Canyon is composed of several tiny canyons that make up the hike to the top of hill. The radio tower at the top of the mountain is where hikers can turn left and take the fire road down to the Stough Nature Center, or continue hiking to the right along the crest of the trail South to the Glendale Verdugo Hills hike path. Mountain bikes are permitted.

Wildwood Canyon Park Address
Wildwood Canyon Park
1701 Wildwood Canyon Dr.
Burbank, CA 91501

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